Kojonup is a smart region featuring a technologically advanced agricultural community, an educational and historical destination, and a healthy and enviable lifestyle.

Our Guiding Values


We will act in an honest, professional and accountable manner that maintains the community trust.

Care and Respect for People

We will treat people with respect in all of our interactions. We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of our community and employees and will show care and empathy when addressing issues.


We are mindful of our role as custodian of the community’s assets, and will make decisions in a responsible manner. We will consider value for money in decision making and ensure that our operations and systems promote efficiency and good governance.

Open and Reliable

We will carry out our business in a transparent and approachable way, respecting diverse views and valuing the input and contributions from the community. We will act consistently and communicate clearly.

Public Notices

Public Notice - 13 September 2022 - Special Council Meeting

Public Notice - 23 August 2022 - Special Council Meeting

Public Notice - 2 August 2022 - Special Council Meeting

Public Notice - 16 August 2022 - Annual Electors Meeting

Proposed Local Laws

Proposed Parking Local Law

Proposed Cat Local Law

Airport Policy