Parks, Trails & Reserves

Kojonup Park:

the Kojonup Park is situated on the corner of Albany Highway and Broomehill-Kojonup Road. It features a shaded playground, BBQ’s, tables, park benches, toilet facilities and the Brigadier Arnold Potts War Memorial which is a part of the Kojonup’s Historical Town Walk. Please follow the below link for more information on Brigadier Arnold Potts here.


At the Kojonup Park you will also find the “Little Library”. All you do is bring a book you no longer want to keep and swap it for something in the little library house that grabs your attention or interests you or your children.

If you walk across the road to the south you will find the Black Cockatoo Café and The Kodja Place also known as The Kojonup Visitor Centre. You can find more information out about The Kodja Place here.

Kojonup’s landmark Wool Wagon is directly across Albany Highway to the West of the Kojonup Park on the Railway Reserve. You will find overnight caravan parking and an RV dump point.

Newstead  Park:

Located on the corner of Newstead Road and Honner Street, this small neighbourhood park has a set of swings and playground equipment, a half basketball court and a table tennis table.


Hillman Park:

Located just north of the Shire Administration Office on Albany Highway, Hillman Park is a large grassed area surrounded with flora. There is a chair to watch the world go by. Parking is available on the South side of the park next door to the Shire Administration Office.


Muradup Playground:

The Muradup Park is located near Muradup Hall on Piesse Street, behind the Town Hall.

Kojonup Skate Park:

Located on the Railway Reserve on Benn Parade, the skate park is suitable for scooters, skateboards and BMX bikes.

There is seating and shade available for spectators, a safety light over the riding space and is accessible via footpaths from all directions.

The Kojonup Spring:

The Kojonup Spring is a popular picnic area situated at Thorn Place. There are disabled public toilet facilities and park benches with many shady trees to enjoy.


The Shire of Kojonup Trails Master Plan:

In 2021, Shire staff completed the Shire of Kojonup Trails Master Plan. Extensive work has gone into the production of this Plan, which includes current trails as well as an implementation plan for expansion and new trails. The Trails Master Plan includes extra information on each trail, maps of trails and hiking and cycling gradings.

The Farrar Trail:

The Farrar Trail is a living history tour of Kojonup. The trail encompasses indigenous, European and natural history in an attractive easy-grade bush trail. The trail connects the Kojonup town site to educational, interesting and scenic locations to the west of town via the former Westrail reserve lands and disused rail network that was permanently closed in 1982 after extensive flooding with cyclone Alby.


Farrar Nature Reserve:


The Farrar Nature Reserve is full of rare and endangered wildflowers as well as numerous water birds, frogs and long necked tortoise around the man-made dam built to provide water for the steam trains.

Myrtle Benn Flora and Fauna Sanctuary:


The Myrtle Benn Flora and Fauna Sanctuary located on Tunney Road is an interesting walk trail that is home to many native orchids and wildflowers mainly seen during Spring. You can also see many native birds and small mammals living in the Sanctuary including the Red-Tailed Phascogale. The Red-Tailed Phascogale is a small marsupial that is currently listed as nationally ‘endangered’. You can find out more information on Myrtle Benn Flora and Fauna Sanctuary by visiting The Kojonup Visitors Centre.

The Kojonup Spring and Myrtle Benn Flora and Fauna Sanctuary are a part of Kojonup’s Historical Walk Trail that will take you on a journey through time and tales of how Kojonup was founded. You can find out more information on the Historical Walk Trail by visiting The Kojonup Visitors Centre.