The Shire of Kojonup has three (3) cemeteries, Kojonup, Muradup and Boscabel. These cemeteries are all in use today and are considered a place of peacefulness and rest. The Shire of Kojonup cemeteries are a place of tranquil settings where family and friends can commemorate and remember the lives of people that have been close to them.

Kojonup Cemetery is located on the corner of Soldier Road & Mather Road. The cemetery was first surveyed in 1862, with the first burial in 1869 of Ellen Reilly. The Shire Parks and Gardening crew are currently working towards a more tranquil setting with plantings outside the cemetery fencing and plantings of Elms along the centre road and an avenue of Jacarandas at the entrance. Erecting row plaques on the kerbing in respect the Grave Numbering. The Kojonup Cemetery also has a Niche Wall for memorialization. The grounds are currently undergoing gravel sheeting and compacting to help maintain the tidiness.

The Kojonup cemetery is now digitalised – Please scan the QR code at the entrance gate or click here to view graves, reserved plots and vacant plots prior to 2022/2023. For further information please contact the Shire on 98312400.


Muradup Cemetery is located in on the western side of the Muradup town site on the Blackwood Road. The cemetery is well maintained by the Shire with some local residents of Muradup also attending the graves regularly to ensure it remains tidy. The cemetery has recently been gifted a new fence line and a covering over the niche wall, all put in place by residents of Muradup with working bees, with new plantings of plants and bushes. The community has asked that the ‘country feel’ to the cemetery to be retained.

The Muradup cemetery is now digitalised – Please scan the QR code at the entrance gate or click here to view graves, reserved plots and vacant plots prior to 2022/2023. For further information please contact the Shire on 98312400.


Boscabel Cemetery is located about 4km along the Neymerup Road, from Albany Highway (it is well sign posted.) The cemetery has a beautiful bush setting with the tall gum trees, bush flowers and the sounds of birds calling. The first grave is that of Mr James Hustler buried in 1922. A special mention of ‘Mrs Myrtle Benn’ – teacher and founder of the Myrtle Benn Flora and Fauna Sanctuary in Kojonup, needs to be made. 

The Boscabel cemetery is now digitalised – Please scan the QR code at the entrance gate or click here to view graves, reserved plots and vacant plots prior to 2022/2023. For further information please contact the Shire on 98312400.


New Burials: The administration staff work alongside Funeral Directors and Families to ensure the burials of family members are held with the values of respect, compassion and integrity for all. For more information, please contact the Administration Office.

The Shire of Kojonup are not Funeral Directors, although we work alongside them and bereaving families as the funeral is arranged.

Shire Administration can help with finding the resting place for your loved one. You can view our cemetery maps during regular office hours. We offer the use of up to 10 chairs at the gravesite, the funeral directors can let us know. If you require the use of a Shire owned building to hold a wake, please contact the Shire Administration Office.

Depths of graves:

                1 adult grave is 1.8m

                2 adult grave is 2.1m

                3 adult grave is 2.4m

                1 baby/child grave is 1.2m

New Memorials: Our cemeteries are subject to the Shire of Kojonup’s Local Laws. We request with the impending possible new monuments that families contact the Shire for a copy of the local laws or click here, especially regarding the Grant of Right of Burial with who can or cannot arrange monuments, alternatively your Monumental Mason should contact the Shire with detailed monument plans prior to placement and fees to be paid.

Kojonup’s Local Cemetery Local Laws here.

Reservations: Shire of Kojonup has a process in place for families and individuals to reserve on Burial Plots and Niche Wall. Reservations are held for 25 years, the same as a Grant of Right. It is the families responsibility to keep the reservation current. Staff will always try to contact families where the date has expired before allocating to someone else. Please update contact details at the Shire Administration Office.

Graves in the Shire of Kojonup

Shire of Kojonup is continuing to update our cemetery records to assist the community to identify graves or provide historical information.  For further information or if you are able to assist in providing any details on unmarked gravesites, please contact us on 9831 2400.

Right of Burial  
Form of Grant of Right of Burial  
     Land 2.4m x 1.2m where directed by Trustees $                   570.00
     Reservation of Plot $                   120.00
Internment Fees  
     Adult Grave $                1,250.00
     Child Grave (under 12 years) $                   900.00
     Grave to be sunk deeper than 1.8m (max 2.4m)  
         - Machine Dug per additional 300mm or part thereof (Min $50) $                   500.00
     Stillborn Child Grave $                   800.00
     Reopening Fees for internment in existing grave $                2,000.00
Re-opening Fees for Exhumation  

-     Service not offered - contact Metropolitan         

      Cemeteries Board for details

Additional Cemetery Charges  
     Internment without due notice (2 days) $                   800.00
     Internment not in usual working hours  
         - Tuesday to Friday $                   500.00

         - Saturdays, Sundays , Public Holidays and


$                 1,000.00
         - After 3pm all other days $                   250.00
     Concrete Plinths (Lawn Cemetery) $                   350.00
Miscellaneous Cemetery Charges  

     Registration of Transfer of Form of Grant of Right of 


$                      70.00
     Copy of Local Laws $                      20.00
     Niche Wall - single and double opening $                    500.00
                             - 2nd opening for double $                    350.00
Memorial Plaques  
     Administration Fees to arrange:  
       - Single Memorial Plaque with Standard Inscription $                    100.00
       - Double Memorial Plaque with Standard Inscription $                     100.00
       - Second Inscription on Double Memorial Plaque $                     100.00
Note: Cost of Freight and the Plaque shall be paid by the purchaser  
Cemetery Licences  
     Licence to Erect a Headstone and / or Kerbing $                      70.00
     Licence to Erect a Monument $                      70.00
     Licence to Erect a Nameplate $                      70.00
     Funeral Directors Single Licence for one Interment $                   150.00
     Funeral Directors Annual Licence Fee $                   350.00

Gravesite Histories Project

The cemetery records were destroyed in a fire in the 1920’s, so our cemetery records are incomplete, but with the ‘Gravesite Histories Project’ undertaken by the Kojonup Historical Society in 2011-2012 those records give a greater resource for all to access, these records are available for access at the Kojonup Library, with further information that can be accessed at the Shire offices on Albany Highway or alternatively following this link here.