Committees of Council

Councillors represent the Shire on various committees. The committee’s may be formal committees of Council or may be separate community committees or organisations who desire input from a Council delegate.

Formal Advisory Committees


Audit & Risk Committee

Cr Kevin Gale, Cr Parminder Singh, Cr Cindy Wieringa, Cr Felicity Webb

Kojonup Natural Resource Management Advisory Committee Cr Ned Radford, Cr Parminder Singh
Bushfire Advisory Committee Cr John Benn, Cr Ned Radford

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan Advisory Committee

Cr Sandra Pedler, Cr Ronnie Fleay

Other Shire Committees/Work Groups


Storyplace/Gallery Workgroup Cr John Benn, Cr Ned Radford
Sporting Precinct Advisory Committee Cr Sandra Pedler, Cr Ronnie Fleay
Kojonup Spring Advisory Committee Cr Ronnie Fleay, Cr Sandra Pedler, Cr John Benn

Delegates to Other Local & Regional Organisations


Great Southern Zone of the WA Local Government Association Cr John Benn, Cr Ronnie Fleay, Deputies: Cr Parminder Singh Cr Kevin Gale
Southern Link VROC (Voluntary Regional Organisation of Councils) Cr John Benn, Cr Ronnie Fleay  Deputy: Cr Sandra Pedler
Great Southern Joint Development Assessment Panel Cr Ronnie Fleay, Cr Parminder Singh  Deputies: Cr Kevin Gale, Cr John Benn
Great Southern Regional Road Group Cr Ned Radford  Deputy: Cr Kevin Gale
Kojonup Homes for the Aged Committee Cr Sandra Pedler Deputy: Cr Cindy Wieringa
Great Southern Recreational Advisory Group Cr Ronnie Fleay Deputy: Cr  Sandra Pedler
Great Southern Treasures Cr Ronnie Fleay
Kojonup Historical Society Cr Sandra Pedler