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Audit and Risk Committee > 2017

As per section 7.1A of the Local Government Act 1995 (the Act), the Shire of Kojonup maintains an Audit Committee.

Terms of Reference

The duties and responsibilities of the Committee are:

  1. Provide guidance and assistance to the Council as to carrying out the functions of the Local Government in relation to audits;
  2. Develop and recommend to Council an appropriate process for the selection and appointment of a person as the Shire’s Auditor;
  3. Develop and recommend to Council:
    • A list of those matters to be audited; and
    • The scope of the Audit to be undertaken;
  4. Recommend to the Council the person or persons to be appointed as Auditor;
  5. Develop and recommend to the Council a written agreement for the appointment of the Auditor;
  6. Meet with the auditor once in each year and provide a report to the Council on the matters discussed and outcome of those discussions;
  7. Liaise with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to ensure that the Shire does everything in its power to:
    • Assist the Auditor to conduct the Audit and carry out his or her other duties under the Local Government Act 1995; and
    • Ensure that audits are conducted successfully and expeditiously;
  8. Examine the reports of the Auditor after receiving a report from the CEO on the matters and: 
    • Determine if any matters raised require action to be taken by the Shire; and
    • Ensure that appropriate action is taken in respect of those matters;
  9. Review the report prepared by the CEO on any actions taken in respect of any matters raised in the report of the Auditor and presenting the report to the Council for adoption prior to the end of the next financial year (or 6 months after the last report prepared by the Auditor is received, whichever is the latest);
  10. Review the scope of the Audit Plan and Programme and its effectiveness;
  11. Consider and recommend adoption of the Annual Financial Report to the Council;
  12. Address issues brought to the attention of the Committee, including responding to requests from Council for advice that are within the parameters of the Committee's terms of reference;
  13. Seek information or obtain expert advice through the CEO on matters of concern within the scope of the Committee’s terms of reference following authorisation from the Council; and
  14. Review the Statutory Compliance Return and make a recommendation on its adoption to Council.


Committee of six (6):

  • Four (4) Councillors (currently Cr Jill Mathwin, Cr Judith Warland, Cr Ned Radford & Cr Ian Pedler); and
  • Two (2) Community Members (currently Mr Roger House and Mr James Hope).

Copies of the Agendas & Minutes for past meetings of the Audit Committee are available as per below.

* Attachments (if not confidential) can be provided upon request.

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