Pilots are advised, that the airport runway we be undergoing an electrical works comprising of trenching and electrical upgrades from 3 April 2020, for a period of 4 weeks.

The runway is still open however, please exercise caution. 

It is a requirement to get permission to land at the Kojonup airstrip prior to use. Please contact the Shire Office on (08) 9831 2400.


Operating the Lights – Instructions for Pilots

The airstrip lights at this facility are now to be operated by the Pilot’s radio as of 19 October 2016. There should be no need to use the manual override timer unless in the event that the lights cannot be operated

To activate the lights:

  1. Kojonup airstrip lighting P.A.A.L.C frequency – 124.1 MHz
  2. Locate the radio handpiece
  3. Slowly press the ‘speak’ button on the left hand side of the handpiece three (3) times. The button should be pressed for approximately two (2) seconds with a two (2) second gap between each press, i.e.: press button, wait 2 seconds, press button, wait 2 seconds, press button.
  4. A voice recording will sound indicating that the lights have been activated.


Kojonup Airstrip Specifications

Should you have any further queries, please contact the Shire of Kojonup following personal:

  • Chief Executive Officer – 0419 903 363
  • Manager of Works & Services – 0427 427 854
  • Shire Ranger/Building Maintenance Coordinator – 0437 995 387