Council Meetings


 Council meetings are generally held on the third Tuesday of each month with the following exceptions for 2017:

  • No scheduled meeting to be held in January;
  • July meeting to make allowance for the annual Budget to be adopted;
  • Councillor Elections to take place 21 October 2017 and October Council meeting therefore held third Thursday (due to only 3 nominations being received, the October meeting was changed back to the third Tuesday of the month and if an Extraordinary Election is to occur then it will take place 18 November 2017 and the November meeting will still occur on 21 November); and
  • December Council meeting held on the second Tuesday given timing to Christmas Day.

 Tuesday             21 February 2017

Tuesday             21 March 2017

Tuesday             18 April 2017

Tuesday             16 May 2017

Tuesday             20 June 2017

Tuesday             25 July 2017

Tuesday             15 August 2017

Tuesday             19 September 2017

Thursday           17 October 2017   (amended from 26 October 2017 as per Council Decision 121/17)

Tuesday             21 November 2017

Tuesday             12 December 2017

 To download a copy of the 2017 Council Meeting Dates, click the link below:


To view Agendas for Council Meetings – click here.

To view Minutes for Council Meetings – click here.