Natural Resource Management Advisory Committee

At it’s 22 October 2015 Ordinary Council Meeting Council passed the following Council Decision:

  1. Establish the Kojonup Natural Resource Management (NRM) Advisory Committee to advise Council on NRM matters and projects that should be promoted or pursued utilizing the Landcare Trust funds or sourcing external funds.
  2. The NRM Trust Fund Reserve to be no less than $20,000.00 at any one time.
  3. Council allocating an agreed annual amount towards NRM projects as mutually agreed and prioritised with the Kojonup NRM Advisory Committee.
  4. Community Representatives on the Advisory Committee for the next two (2) years to be Graham Blacklock, Kath Mathwin and Jennifer Edgerton-Warburton.
  5. Terms of Reference
    To establish a cooperative partnership arrangement whereby Natural Resource Management (NRM) and Community values compliment the strategic objectives of attracting research, developing and extending opportunities that enhance economic, environmental, cultural and social outcomes within the Shire and our neighbours.
  6. Aims and Objectives
    To work collaboratively with the community under the following five (5) main areas:
    a) Economy, Community and Environment
    Develop an NRM strategy for the Shire of Kojonup based on natural asset condition and management driven by the triple bottom line approach.
    b) Stewardship and Partnerships
    Undertake or ensure Environmental planning, policies and activities protect and preserve environmental assets, reserves and ecology within Kojonup’s natural and agricultural ecosystems.
    c) Collaboration and Capacity Building
    Actively participate and promote sustainable NRM including education, research and policy development programs, on ground projects, and funding opportunities.
    d) Innovation and Education
    Increase awareness of the implications of climate change and develop management actions for the Shire, primary producers and local businesses to create opportunities.
    e) Leadership and Responsibility
    Develop and implement Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Shire activities to improve the Environmental performance of the organisation.
  7. Initial Projects
    a) Develop and implement a sustainable Bridal Creeper and Tagasaste Eradication program.
    b) Assist Council progress the sustainable management of water resources including water harvesting and re-use opportunities in the Shire.
    c) Coordinate weed management and planting of native trees and shrubs to improve bio diversity, fauna habitat and natural resource management outcomes in conjunction with Schools, Kojonup Aboriginal Corporation and community groups within identified Reserves such as:
    i. Myrtle Benn, Farrar and Quin Quin;
    ii. Showground’s area; and
    iii. Blackwood Road arboretum.
  8. Membership
    a) Three (3) Community Representatives as per (4) above
    b) Two (2) Councillors namely Cr Sexton & Cr Pritchard
    c) Supervisor Horticulture Tradesperson
    d) Community Development Officer
    e) Chief Executive Officer or delegated nominee and
    f) Senior Ranger/Building Maintenance Coordinator
  9. Meetings
    Meetings to be held at least half yearly with a quorum of any five (5) members required.