Storyplace/Gallery Work Group (formally KPAC)

Formally this group was known as the Kodja Place Advisory Committee or ‘KPAC’. It changed names and it’s Terms of Reference at Council’s Ordinary Meeting held 17 October 2017. It’s Terms of Reference are as follows:


Established by the Council on 17 October 2017. Meetings to be held at least quarterly unless otherwise required.



Current Terms of Reference

To advise and assist the Chief Executive Officer to implement aspects of the adopted Kodja Place Master Plan and adopted Curatorial Audit recommendations prepared by Dr Sue Graham-Taylor as they relate specifically to the Storyplace/Gallery at The Kodja Place by:

  • Planning projects;
  • Capturing the stories of our residents; and
  • Identifying resources (plant, equipment, human) and funding required to enhance the curatorial/multi-media and MOSAiC aspects of the Storyplace/Gallery