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Upcoming Workshops FYI –

55+ – RESCHEDULED – Wednesday 26th April 2017 at 2:00pm – Sporting Complex, Benn Parade, Kojonup

18-55 – Speed Stakeholder Session – Wednesday 26th April 2017 at 5:15pm for a 5:30pm Start – Sporting Complex, Benn Parade, Kojonup


Kojonup’s Vision through to 2027 is Unfolding Strategist Sally Carbon was in Kojonup April 6th and 7th to speak with our community members about their vision for Kojonup through to 2027. Sally was in town for two days and collected feedback from stakeholders to form our 2027 Strategic Community Plan which the Council writes over a six week period from the end of April. During her visit, more than 100 local community members provided their feedback for this Plan.

We thank many members for their honest and transparent feedback. This 10-year strategic plan identifies your aspirations which we use to form our four year corporate business plans. We are required, under the Local Government Act 1995, to complete both of these two plans. These plans are used to make each and every decision which Council makes on a daily basis, including where money is spent. We can’t stress enough how important it is for the community to be a part of this process.

Amongst the diverse feedback which was collected, members have given digitally collected scores on funding and resourcing, history and heritage, prosperity, industry, health, safety, partnerships and transportation, amongst other topics. There has also been a great deal of discussion about increasing Kojonup’s knowledge through analysis, data and instant communication as well as modernising the operational processes of the Shire.

So far, we have some great feedback from young school children, older school groups, Councillors and staff, and a small collection of 18 to 55 year old Kojonup community members. Sally is back in town April 26th to listen to over 55 members of the community at 2:00pm at the Sporting Complex. We encourage many more 18 to 55 year old members attend a second ‘forward thinking’ session put on in a ‘speed dating’ manner (ie fast and furious) for one hour at 5:30pm at the Sporting Complex, otherwise community feedback can get biased towards certain needs and ages. A plan which has a ten year vision can seriously affect a younger demographic, and we encourage younger professionals, or any working community member, to take part in this extra session the Shire has put on. We congratulate the participants for realising how important this planning phase is to the future of Kojonup. Please RSVP on 98312416.

There is also an online community survey available, by clicking on the following link Surveys close Wednesday 10 May. Hard copies of the survey are available on request.

The Strategic Community Plan, which will have a theme name, not this generic name, will be presented to Council in the third week of July, ready for action for the next ten years. As per the local government statutory needs, the Plan will be updated four years later, in 2021, for a further ten year vision.


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